Our Mission

We are pursuing the development of small-molecule therapeutics known as Inhibitors of Beta-Catenin Responsive Transcription (iCRTs) for hard-to-treat cancers. 

From The Bench

The science behind iCRTs stems from the laboratory of Ramunaj Dasgupta, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at NYU School of Medicine.

Dr. Dasgupta and colleagues identified and optimized iCRTs that selectively inhibit the function of oncogenic, nuclear ß-catenin while sparing its other, non-oncogenic activities.  iCRTs target the Wnt/ß-catenin signalling pathway, which is known to play a key role in the development and progression of a wide range of cancers.

To The Clinic

iβeCa will focus on further discovery and development activities needed to identify candidates for human clinical testing. 

More About iβeca

iβeCa Therapeutics is the third company formed by Allied-Bristol Life Sciences, a joint venture between Allied Minds and Bristol-Myers Squibb launched in August 2014 to identify and develop novel therapeutic opportunities arising from the deep biology expertise of university research labs.